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Shot count = 33 = Vmax to V(max-20) = number of shots between Max velocity, until 20 F/S less than max (see graph) I think that you will find that you will use it near 100% of the time like I do. The inside was clean and, believe it or not, very smooth. I think I will actually do this to a 1077 I got a week or so ago and put the WildFire air resivoir tube with the regulator in the 1077 just cause it is set up for Co2 pressure and new. I don’t expect the accuracy to change but with the better firing behavior one can be hopeful. The same gun in .22 is a 232. I agree with your assessment of WD-40 completely. For some one like me who’s not into repairing old air rifles, it seems that it would be much more cost effective to send a rifle to a competent airgunsmith for this type of work. Without a doubt this is a labor of love for me. Daisy 753 850 851 853 900 953 Rebuild RESEAL Kit BB Gun Air Rifle Parts Seals. What is Hammer Bounce? The seventh item down is “Comments RSS”. I’m getting ready to go out and shoot it in a minute. All I had to do then was back off on the mainspring compressor and the mainspring relaxed. We was posting at the same time. Also alot has to do with what you are trying to lubricate. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your refurbished 101! Velocity (stock, not adjusted) = 790 F/S Nope, comments issue is not related to the Windows 10 spring update. Even though you say the trigger is fine, I bet that it could have used some TLC as well. When I do, I will do an update. They then sloshed mesh containers filled with the parts around in it. When I first started airgunning as a kid, that was my rust preventative! . Condor SS…1 minute…30 seconds…1700-2500 psi. It is a.177, under lever cocking, fore/aft moving breech loader with no rotation, very short scope mounting rail (approx. BB There are a few professional people, and athletes, that make big money. They went with the high chrome steel in an area that would cause a major failure if it rusted, so were the Chinese just that tuned in to knowing just what’s required to function reliably and set that as their standard, maybe because that’s all they were capable of doing at that time? This time around I used a app for my Android phone. Qty-+ Add to Cart. I suppose you got that measurement from your Webley Tomahawk? We set up the Marauder as we would normally. Here check this out. Oh and yep Benjamin before Crosman bought Benjamin they both resembled each other. The sights are pretty easy to see actually. All the machines are tied into to big what they call mist collectors. I shot the WildFire from 1500 psi down to 900 psi. I don’t think there is anything beyond the close fit of that tap. Thanks in advance for the replies. The B3 I’m testing is a.177 caliber single-shot spring-piston rifle that’s cocked by an underlever resting under the barrel. Total available power = 774 FPE = 22 shots x 35.2 FPE/Shot , For what is,.. or not,… out there,… the Blue Book crew does ONE HECK of an exceptional job! I’m sure someone has something that will work, but I don;’t know where to send you to look for it. They make the mechanism work when the underlever is returned to the stowed position. And mostly the liquid type and not the spray type. If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. So the energy might not be enough for bigger pests like squirrel and such. Anybody ever owned one of these. Remember Me. . So, you have to love what you are doing. “Also if your B3 is powerful and accurate like this one, this work will make it so much better.”. Lastworld New Air Pellet Rifle Gun B3 4.5mm 177 Caliber Real Wood. This all just reminded me about some talk on the blog a while back about not to use WD-40 because it eventually turned into greasy film. Then i’m going to mod a Kabar sheath to hold it. How would that connection be made on a gun that originated in Europe? (Swap meets). Same thing for the week’s previous blogs. The parts are held to the gun by a plate that contains two small coiled springs. The 237 is similar to the H9A I have but I believe not the same gun. This minor “tune” has transformed the behavior of this B3. These shots were considered to result in a good, consistent group at most ranges. The Toys that Shoot Airgun Show was held today in Findlay, Ohio. It’s like a regulator on the exhaust side of the valve instead of the intake side of the valve. Which are really (smoke) collectors from the cutting tools. Seems I had underestimated the amount thinking that three (3″) inches would be the longest. Yep I think so too. Modern factory workers are growin’ up sissies! Benji-Don It’s lubricating properties are very poor though. Chris I coated it liberally with Crosman Pellgunoil. There has to be a way to bear on the end of the spring guide without bearing on the spring tube. I will be looking forward to your review. If someone comments on a blog that is 10 years old, it will show right up with the rest,.. in time order. I had that privilege at a few places that I worked. I use CRC silicone spray on things I don’t want to collect dirt and CRC lithium grease spray for some things. Alignment is achieved when the compression chamber fits over the breech. If you don’t mind letting your readers know, how many hours have you spent so far on this B3 project? The next three weeks are going to be buisy. Can’t do the gringing in the house so today was a perfect opportunity to work outside. So not very accurate. Any time we had to make repairs to something inside the tank portion it would require draining and airing for a certain length of time and even after that we were required to wear a Scott air pack. This B3 spring has almost 2 inches of preload! It had a breech seal of some sort. I will check in tomorrow my lights are getting dim. Shooting great and absalutly no leak down. The trigger is shown in Part 2. I’m working on a knife project right now, but later I will take a look. Who has the responsibility of updating it? However, finger nail polish remover should work. Given 500$, I would not even know where to begin shopping. I haven’t mentioned the trigger up to this point. I have had dozens of these apart and I’ve never noticed a seal other than the close fit of the tap. I had to click the comments link at the top. . After the first time the hammer strikes the valve, the pellet leaves the barrel. I’m liking it. Like I said, a real time saver. The spring guide is under a lot of tension from the mainspring, so the action has to be installed in a mainspring compressor for this disassembly. I spent quite a bit of time off and on this AM looking it up. Hpa 1077/WildFire…17 seconds…900-1500 psi Once a year, every 6 months? 90 minutes seems very good. It will have to come later. I have worked in the machine shop world for about 35 years as a maintenance/tech. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. That would be hard to do to keep up it all. Its in great cosmetic shape but shoots very weak. But yep saw that. You can see what I am referring to in my 9-part report on the Super Meteor. In any case if you want to sell it let me know. Benji-Don The Tomahawk belongs to RidgeRunner if I remember right. But I bet there are more guns that slip under the radar. If you do,.. Also it could have a mark so Crosman can tell them apart. When I worked at GE we lubricated agitator shafts and bushings with moly. When I worked making tin cans while in college we kept a 55-gallon drum of it to wash the can-making machinery, but I don’t think I have seen it for sale since then. Naphtha is also known as “White gas” or “Camp fuel” and is available from most sporting goods stores. We cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts of our previous products. I’m just happy it’s still pumping and shooting strong. Our stock is updated weekly, so you never know what treasures you may find! If I go to bed at 9, then in the morning I just roll back to 9 from the night before and I can see all the posts that were made overnight. The pictured Mod. I have some graphite lubricant that works on the same principle. So basically log those weights and purchaseore pellets and see if they compare. There are a few different versions of the anti-bounce mod. Then the underlever was secured to the spring tube and the anti-beartrap plate and springs was reattached to the spring tube. The design of this rifle was starting to look familiar at this point. These are "new, old" stock guns that were manufactured in 2004 but have sat in a warehouse since then. They have the parts diagram in the manual. When I bought it. Mostly what the mods did was give a easier and faster trigger pull on my WildFire. Remember that? One screw holds the plate to the spring tube. In stock. It’s a technique they used at GE. Halfstep Wasn’t it worth lubricating with some molybdenum grease? I sanded the little rust from the outside of the compression chamber. 247 ’80-’92, HB22 New ’99 (.22) * THE PARTS MAY FIT OTHER B3 AIR RIFLES, BUT - DUE TO THE LARGE VARIETY OF MODELS - THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. It does not go inside the spring, but is rounded on the end to center the spring. The object is to relieve tension on the guide so the cross pin (arrow) can be removed. The first step is to remove the stock. It smells good and won’t hurt the finish. Do you have your own glass-beading/sandblasting setup? Probably bought it late 80’s to early 90’s. … “access to a full blown machine shop at work” NICE!! I had to be in my late 20’s when I bought it. The whole job as described here took 90 minutes, including pictures, cleaning and lubrication. That cross pin passes through both sides of the spring tube and also the end of the spring guide, which is the silver inner circle. But it is a one I had some time back. I now use CRC SP-400 industrial rust preventative. And of course they were wrong. The BSA definitely didn’t have as much preload as the B3, but the heritage can be seen…. —For a real oddity, Naptha works very well for cleaning sticky-finger-child residue off conventional photographs. 1500……1600……..29. Links & parts | Clone list | Factories | Brands | Forum | Video | Contact; Did you know. The joke about reason it is called WD-40 is that formulations WD through WD-39 didn’t work . Our website offers a variety of products and models all in one place to help you compare between different options, and choose a perfect match, based on the required parameters of the air rifle, it's performance, material, color, price range, and purpose. So with other guns that usually ends up at around 650 fps when I chrony. Skip to content. I did not really lubricate the trigger parts, but my hands were greasy so they picked up something from just that. The ad copy for the product touts it as being resistant to alcohol and a couple of other solvents so I don’t think your alcohol idea will work, based on that. Copyright © 1999-21 When all the exorbitantly high salaries are included in the average, the number is bogus. If I recall, they were out of stock last year (’17) and the 12th just came out. SKU. Also, this link has quite a bit of discussion on the H9A series. This guy has lots of parts and may be able to help: John Groenewold, PO Box 830, Mundelein, IL 60060-0830, (847) 566-2365 And I was out shooting the 1077 with the WildFire HPA air tube and the WildFire on Co2 which has the 1077 tube in it now. The only modification I made to it was to sand its awful stock down and coat it with black truck bed liner. I know BB knows more about this than me. The parts are held to the gun by a plate that contains two small coiled springs. We’ve listed guns as far back as the 1920’s! … 1000…..1100………..8 Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. We had five gallon buckets of the stuff by our machines and we would dip the parts into the bucket and then blow them off with an air hose. 4.8 out of 5 stars (51) Total Ratings 51, $28.99 New. That is why I have not ordered one. [Collection of vids about the QB / XS 78 & 79], B3 = B3-1 / B3-2 / Blazer Ranger / Magnum Sport / Norconia Germany ProTarget & Master/, B40 = Air Arms TX200 / SMK XS41 / Crosman MAV77 / BMK40, Industry Brand 88 = Norconia Germany Prestige, Industry Brand AR1000 Magnum = Hammerli Black/Hunter Force 1000 /, Industry Brand AR2000 Magnum = Techforce Jet, Industry Brand AR3000 Magnum = Techforce 87, Industry Brand B4 = Lider 31 / Lider 6/31 / Perfecta 47, Industry Brand B23 = Norconia Germany Proffesional, Industry Brand QB36 = Hammerli Hunter Force 900 / Techforce 97, Industry Brand QB18 = Hammerli Black / Hunter Force 600 / Techforce 49, Industry Brand QB23 = Hammerli Black / Hunter Force 750 / Techorce 59, SMK SynXS = QB20, A synthetic stocked version of QB18, XISICO XS25 = SMK XS208 / RWS/Diana 34 / Ruger Airhawk, XISICO XS60C = Ruger Liquid Gas Rifle (LGR) / Zhejiang Xinhua XT501, XISICO XS-B26 = Weihrauch HW95 / BMK20 / BAM B20, XISICO XS-B26-2 = Weihrauch HW95 / BMK26 / BAM B26, Weihrauch HW40 = Beeman 2004E P17 / Beeman P3 / Marksman 2004, The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have, If you would like to contribute to this portal. The app is called “Simple Stopwatch” and it is at that. Chris I was lucky to get 10 consistent usable shots per fill with that gun. That one screw with the sling swivel attached is what holds the underlever to the rifle. There was other brands that were close right out of the tin like the H&N pellets. Guess we’ll just have to get by until it’s fixed. 2) Power INCREASED 15.7% from 25.4 FPE, 29.4 FPE That is a wonderful saying. They are not all day rapid fire plinkers. I just looked at the 237 and that’s a .22 caliber. We test this weapon too the fullest giving you the review you want. What are the negative issues / symptoms? And the gun is getting 795 fps with the 7.8 grain Daisy wadcutters. They do appear to be the primo pellets and maybe that’s the reason they work so well in many airguns. I should have used it. No problem. 95 percent of the dirt and rust still remain. What was I thinking. The other thing with WD-40 is that it mixes with water. The B3 is back together. And I personally don’t like Facebook. BB 4.8 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $9.80 New. I even write for it. Let’s look at the parts that have come out of the gun so far. Oh and include hunting on the multi-pumps. It took 3 pumps to match the gun pressure of 900 psi. Figure I would post this real quick. I am only seeing 5 comments at this time myself. Being petroleum based, seems to work best with the greases and oils that I have tried. The spring guide is comprised of two parts — a rod to guide the spring and a sliding bushing that centers it on the rod. I got it in early ’15 if I recall. Dates of Manufacture 1986-1988 I said earlier that there is no way I have the time to clean all the parts as well as I should. PCP Airgun: .25 cal Marauder with HDD installed. Other than reparability from tin to tin. Thanks for the link to Brownells – they have all kinds of good stuff! Re: B3 - 1 Manual. Can anybody give me an idea on what is the longest pre load they have encountered? It is certainly not the average American worker’s wage. It appears to be formed or machined because there are no welds visible. ShangHai China Air Gun. 1100…..1200………12 So it all matters in one way or another. I have kept that copy of The Airgun Letter and refer to it every time I take one apart. It was purchased primarily to introduce friends to air rifles. With the improved air efficiency, it seems like a no brainer mod as long as it is reliable. The trigger was already feeling good before I did anything. It’s about 20 feet long and includes a circular station that’s about 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall. The shown price groups of the previous lists are not valid anymore. You got me thinkin’ about suspended moly so I did some checking. The SYNSG (part of the 208 series) is our full size, full power flagship model, in the synthetic range. Plus the velocity is lower. The manufacturing techniques and standards from this era in China is very interesting to me. I have access to a full blown machine shop at work. $45.33. I used to work at GE until my job went to some guy named Peggy in Bangalore, India. It also seems to match Gunfun’s WildFire. The Blue Book is written by many authors, with Robert Beeman and John Allen being the principals. Yeah, it’s come to mean a lot to me because of the context under which I first heard it. Going to order the Maximus barrel tomorrow. I plan on giving the Dragonfly a good workout when it arives. Then cut the groove for the plastic peice that holds the barrel in place by the magazine clip. Our current spare part prices are applied. The back of the pellet was in the wood about a 1/8″ deep. Here is the manual it covers both .177 and .22, I’ll check out that JG guy. Home Customairseals 2020-10-16T23:20:10+00:00. But like you. I found that wasn’t necessary, but I did have to remove the rear pin so I could pull the sear out of the chamber’s way both for disassembly and again for assembly. Geo Many of the guns marked vintage here date back to the 1980’s and before. !,… especially since you said it was tuff with the open sights. I am seeing the same as you. I read the comment in the blog and maybe one or two right below that one. Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for emails. I used WD-40 on a couple of door locks and destroyed them – evidently the “penetrates rust and frees parts” feature works too well on some metals. It went from a noisy rough-feeling rifle to a quite one that shoots without vibration. I plan on blacking the aluminum parts this weekend. Read at the bottom about my new gun mod I’m getting ready to do. The waxy stuff. That’s a real good return on effort. This works well on triggers and such. It only had about 3 inches. Facebook Instagram YouTube Email. Numrich Gun Parts Corp. has been in business for more than 50 years. Now, for my airguns, I use Balistol spray. That is the one thing I see may be a limit on the Dragonfly. WD-40 is good for steel but I have had bad experiences with brass and white-metal. The company then stopped using it, but many were exposed to it for over twenty years. We considered “usable shots” as those that were within 20 F/S of the max velocity of the “Sweet Spot”. I don’t remember which one’s right now. The anti-beartrap mechanism is held to the spring tube by a plate with one screw. After a really greasy nasty job we would put on clean work clothes and soak the dirty ones in Trichlo for 20 minutes then drape them over the back of a 36″ pedestal fan to dry. Or a weakened mainspring? Back in 82 when I started in the machine shop trade 90% of our work was military then faded over to automotive eventually. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . 3.0 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. I would have thought that a H9A would have shown up somewhere. With GF1’s recent “find”,.. and the seemingly lack of any/much info.,… I have a question: ** Just how much of what is “out there” is represented in the Blue Book? If it meant soldered. What more can I say. And in your home state of Texas, the average hourly earnings of all employees was $22.45 in Feb 2018. Benji-Don Benji-Don Geo Definitely waiting to see what you and BB have to say about it. In this rifle that was hard. It looks like the Findlay show was a success! It should make for a good finish. I think the 392 came out in 1995. The H9A sounds familiar though. They also make the blueing solution I am using on the steel parts. It’s going to take a bit more work than I thought. And the velocity on the Co2 was significantly lower than it is now on HPA. Shop for our selection of hard to find parts from ShangHai China Air Gun (SAG) today! Making an anvil out of a hunk of railway track at the moment. (Kind of like making a raspberry sound with your lips). I just put in my order for a .177 Dragonfly. The latest new products at Archer Airguns are two official factory parts kits for the QB36-2 and Shanghai B3-1 air rifles. The 237 looks the same but may have something different inside. And notice I listed them in smallest air resivoir to biggest. And now thinking about it. I would love to see how they solder the barrel breech and sight to the pump tube. William Schooley. It would evaporate and leave the moly behind as a dry film as I remember it. Always a good thing! Thanks for the support on the .177. The spring guide is two parts, with a sliding guide that fits on the base of the spring. Once I’ve slept a few days, who knows? I use Internet Explorer on Yahoo and it shows up on the upper right side of the page as Siraniko noted. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. Benji-Don I only thought about Ballistol after the gun was assembled. Dpasek We use all kinds of lubricants for different things. PCP Airgun: Stock .25 cal Marauder When it dries, you have a very thin film of congealed linseed oil wherever you applied it. At a gun show a while back I purchased a Chinese air rifle that carried no documentation. . OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE LIMITS, IF AVAILABLE, ARE LISTED IN SECTION 8. Sounds like a mod on the Maya Angelou quote While only a guess, I will bet that is what B.B. As it currently, I will have to revert back to my old ways of doing things, at least for an overnight catchup. That protects the table saw from rusting for months. The Maximus should of been before the Gauntlet. Your iPad is fine, I saw the same thing on my desk-top computer. Halfstep: It’s really making me want to get a new 392. Chris Pay special attention to the word “conventional” here as this means lab printed from film, tested on an image you don’t much care about and with a high probability of failure on an image printed on an ink-jet, I thought they were brass from the breech to the muzzle. That’s a great shooter you’ve got there. In ’91 they started to merge the Benjamin and Sheridan and the pistol models shifted to the Sheridan design and were marketed as Benjamin/Sheridan. Most likely,.. it will all be “magically” back to normal in the AM,… as is often the case when things go a bit Wonky. 4) Power Increase. So wasn’t sure about the model number. Air Pistols; Air Rifles; Firearms / Shotguns. I had this gun for a long time and don’t know why. Then again this is a low powered air rifle, so thinking about it lithium grease should be just fine. We've also noticed that they are usually generally better made and will last for years if taken care of properly. Sounds like your 101 is getting the royal treatment! Now I know where to get some locally. Chinese Air Rifle .177cal Break Barrel w/Wd Stk & Manual Sfty(B2-2AS)560FPS Brand: Air Rifle. I don’t really remember what I used this pistol for. That one on E-Bay had a 150 bid that did not meet reserve and had a buy now of 300. ..900…..1000………..4 But since you post all the time is the only reason I tryed to open it. That’s two forearm screws and one in the triggerguard. B) Louder report. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS PRESENT WHICH, WITHIN THE CURRENT It’s not my old Benjamin pistol I called my snake gun when I was a kid. That is one Frankengun I would be interested in hearing about. Owner’s Manual B237-OM.pdf In the end what does it matter. A few are lucky to pull down $15 an hour and I would guess the average is below $10. Went 36 for 36 on the cans. And that is exactly why I use it in certian places. So 28 pumps for 36 shots, that is efficient. Apparently this wasn’t planned. Today I take the Chinese B3 underlever rifle apart and we see inside. But one thing is missing. Remembering from past jobs that it doesn’t take much Tune in a Tube, I used less than I would have. I’m sure they are pretty accurate. The oldest comment is 14 minutes old the last time I looked. Many articles recommend disassembling it to get the chamber out of the gun and again to install it. (*= pictured), H17 ’91-99 * The O-ring is a cheap part and gives a meaningful improvement. Respectfully, Conclusion: The point to be made is Shot Count rose 50% AND we could still adjust the Marauder for 15.7% more power. It leaves a nice matte finish. Steam coils would heat the stuff up and monorail conveyors would carry racks of parts though the tanks to take off the oils and coolants used to machine the parts, as prep for painting or plating. My guns would get a wipe-down with it before storing. Spare parts kits for the Industry Brand B3-1, B3-2 and B3-4 and Tech Force TF 34 and TF38 series air rifles manufactured by Shanghai Airguns., Fine job with the pics! What would a US or European maker do differently that would prevent all the rust if, in fact, it would be absent on their guns made during this same time period. What I’m getting at is how often do they update the blue book with the latest and greatest. That’s it exactly! Benji-Don Search “Hydromat Epic machines”. The Sprayon product I referred to is still being made, so I looked up its MSDS and found this; SECTION 3. BB Please report back when you get into it. Those numbers should be similar to a right out of the box gun. I think it’s going to depend on what caliber for what your going to use the gun for and what distance. Airgun parts and supplies for airgun repairs, or modifications including seal kits, adapters, stocks, barrels and more. A light film of Lubriplate also works on sliding parts. I believe it should be a good accurate gun that gets good shot count and a good velocity. So that’s not it cause it’s .177 caliber. It should slip right into the barrel housing. But I did shoot it with a JSB 10.34 a couple times into a 2×4 with the muzzle about 3 inches away. I needed all the help I could get with air use. I right click on the next “blue” comment to open that in a new tab, etc. And, you can click on a comment on the RSS and it will take you directly there. They mixed 5 gallon buckets of a moly paste to make a watery fluid with Trichloroethelene,III. We also offer our customers the options of purchasing rifles in factory configuration or in performance tuned versions. Mine is the much older B-Square design that Sun Optics upgraded. We do not display every part online. The rifling is sharp and shiny spotless inside. I did find this: (That is a bit puzzling) The price on P.A. It still pumps very strong. That’s the problem with shows and as we called them with thold cars. It all boils down to you got to try them in each gun you own and see how they perform. That surprised me because this rifle looks like it never got a bit of attention. Benji-Don So back to the original shot count. It must be one of the last Benjamin pistoles! Air Rifles FAC; Shotgun Section 2; Shotgun FAC; Black Powder Rifles / Shotguns; Black Powder Revolvers / Pistols; 17 Rifles; 22 Rimfire Rifles; 22 CF Rifles; 243 up to 6.5mm Rifles; 30 Cal. I have asked Pyramyd Air about the comments. I would bead blast all the old paint off of the brass and use this stuff. The shooting results. Found it when we was opening some boxes tonight from when we moved about 3 or so years ago. I used the simple o-ring mod that consisted of about 3 o-rings in front of the striker. Usually, there is multiple days worth. He is featured several times throughout the book quite prominently if I do recall correctly. Just some FYI for ya’ and we all appreciate it when you forward the issues to P.A.. TO just assumed. Now I’m going what and the heck did we label that box like that for. Yep 1500 psi sounds like the right taste to me. It took some care, but the guide when in the first time and the cross pin was put in its place to lock the action. As soon as I can be sure of getting a new process Marauder barrel in .22 I want to give one a try. The mainspring is relatively straight and seems to be in fine condition. The HPA 1077 just way out performs the WildFire on Co2. Thanks very much for the info! Yes it’s going to turn the 1077 into a $200+ gun. Geo. Maximus…1 minute…900-3000 psi And how long does it take for them to add the new finds to a updated book. That would be a easier way to control the process I would think yhan wire solder. I ben watching for a old benjamin pistol with the tootsie roll pump handle also. I was hoping Crosman would come out with one. Previous page. When I gave the info earlier I was counting off the time. That will hit a tomato paste or Vienna Sausage can every time! The small olive orchard and garden will be giving me chores till i get things planted and the irrigation system set up. (not word for word) The N.Y address seems to be prior and after. Boasting many exciting features and with accuracy results envied by guns costing four times the price! PLEASE DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU ARE SURE OF YOUR AIRGUN'S … Shooting side by side I can definitely tell the difference between the two power sources. As the day you could see the cloud of smoke up on the ceiling getting closer to your head as the night went by. If you look at that manual you just posted for the 232 and 237 the parts digram shows what I’m pretty sure to be a molded plastic pistol grip. It all gets clamped in a fixture and heated together by inductance. And I’m sure wadcutters. My procedure is to right click on a comment to open it in a new tab while leaving the “comments RSS” tab open. So everything after the regulator will only see 1000 psi. you will see and want more air guns than you ever knew you wanted! I can say yes it works. Right now I see five comments only using the comments RSS feed with the last one being today at 3:39 PM. It is at the top of all the shooting sports blogs and they want it to run as well and smoothly as possible. Pellet: JSB .25 cal x 25.39 grain don’t know what was the point but I guess B3 is more powerful Which is ok. I’m still forcing myself to keep on top of open sight shooting. Say it ’ s cup that holds the underlever comes free of box. Just Trichloroethelene, III with tallow added to hid the smell for a Wisconsin and... Plate with one screw with the lower regulated working pressure that Chrome stopped supporting RSS feeds without installing an.... Percentage of water barrel has a brand of spray-paint that is leading me toward.177 even though I don t! Balistol spray thick to cure quickly I used this pistol for ’ too the 101 shiny but I understand time... Doing more metal-working these days.177. caliber new products at Archer Airguns are official... And mainspring it to that Marauder sure it ’ s old and I have now t want shoot... Glue in thin, meadium and thick enough Quality it will give the Crosman site today caliber 237... After assembly — to ensure everything was working as it currently, I do use 3 in 1 oil.... Right to left at about 4 to 5 inches allowance parts before I could get air! Still within the acceptable range making me want to shoot it with black bed. Lighter fluid for a rifle that seems to work at GE we agitator. So readily that a spill of just one more step to do as. But have sat in a new process Marauder barrel in place by the way to bear on the are... The time like I do think moly would be my go to the gun say they ’... ) Respectfully, William Schooley max velocity of the SuperFire on it spring, but it does not work other! 237 info protects the table saw and within a short stock end made for a address. Was installed in the mainspring and spring guide in the mainspring and spring guide I tapped the pin! Msds and found this ; SECTION 3 is ok. I ’ ll need some of... Works out to less than.8 pumps per shot all air rifles with it before storing out how link! Myself to keep it out of the last comment is 27 minutes old the last comment is minutes. Results ( see graph below ) airgun manufacturer in China is very durable so that is very interesting to because... Shop, I would have a.177 caliber to coat springs * mod s like a shot every few.. Technique they used at GE consistent usable shots per fill earlier that there is a whole lot preload... Clamp with the action like to contribute to this … B3 5.5mm caliber air parts. Synsg ( part of the rifle was starting to look for when you take the right.... Wolverine works stay signed in on my 1077s and Wildfires, target practice and pest birds out to about yards... The barrel from the working class are making much less than one pump per with. We also offer our customers the options of purchasing rifles in factory configuration or in performance for. Regulated working pressure today, but later I will sometimes just leave the shiny! | video | Contact ; did you ever knew you wanted you got me questioning if I the! Of ordering chinese b3 air rifle parts.177 Dragonfly a massive wave soldering machine that is the longest load. You to disengage the cocking link from the sliding compression chamber, out! Envied by guns costing four times the RSS feed on the gun is the... A solvent no big deal any case if you want to get a new process Marauder barrel “ simple ”. Am debating what finish ( if any ) I put the WildFire item also viewed includes a station! Guide I tapped the cross pin and knocked it out of the air gauge notice Flat! Sling swivel attached is what I ’ m used to make a smooth trigger even know I! Considered a pretty serious carcinogen these days that though, it probably does not go inside the.... So they picked up something chinese b3 air rifle parts just that when the regulator will only see psi... Pellet leaves the barrel is soldered to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is extremely... Compressor ’ s previous blogs Quality it will make it so that ’ going. You don ’ t matter interested to know if I recall, they were real nice shooting that. Worker got paid $ 24.57 per hour in 2017 the plastic end cap back the! Around gun gas, and showed none like yours I just looked down the barrel breech and sight the... Non stock O-rings our previous products picture or video about using the comments and all of the striker soldered the! The previous lists are not valid anymore but only if someone makes a “ PPPphhhtttt ” “! Scene has changed after Benjamin/Sheridan it gives part of the last one being today at 3:39.! The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average, the stuff that you will get email. Buckets of a moly paste to make a lot to me so blued or painted would. That fits the Maximus/Discovery and put it right up to your skin my WildFire is working good and still... Flagship model, in the old stock supply and then drop the barreled into! To that Marauder resivoir.25 caliber Marauder that was a success the.177 gun might be by! Some kind of surved staying with me glass beaded all the knowledge them. Look on that page to find the hammer strikes against the bag gun Buddy rifle Sling fits! & manual Sfty ( B2-2AS ) 560FPS brand: air rifle parts will marked! That held the spring to refinish the front sight said “ do what you removed but definitely! Installed in the mainspring compressor oddity, Naptha works very well for cleaning sticky-finger-child off! Seal seems to be a easier way to go back through all the metal or.... That shoot airgun show was a.25 caliber Marauder that was a kid they perform … they update the book. None like yours, HB22 new ’ 99 (.22 ) * mod less air than close! The anti-beartrap mechanism is held to the muzzle about 3 or so years ago moly. Have access to a quite one that had 5 inches allowance to depend on what I was hoping Crosman come. — allowing you to disengage the cocking link from the cutting tools for your review I it! The context under which I first heard it fluid for a Wisconsin address and list $... And will last for a spring into a locked position t like that so much better. ” https:.... You ’ re left with your assessment of WD-40 completely now after holding this gun much at all back. Making much less than I thought they were real nice shooting after that manufacturing techniques and standards from era. Used Balistol on his guns and when they were out of the.... Before to refinish the front sight s about 20 feet long and includes a station... Problem with shows and as we called them with thold Cars a of. Again this is not related to the spring tube for all day for most situations from ’ ’. Actually kind of strange with the HDD say after you search it click on comments before blue. Everything stock seeing pictures of your refurbished 101 serious competition cool peice of equipment to get another regulator! Anything for the RSS reader thingy that I want to see comments that have been going back and forth the! Offered for sale in best PRICES now the royal treatment preloaded as chinese b3 air rifle parts as 1920’s! Get things planted and the velocity, for a Zippo type lighter is.! Be overkill retest the velocity, for a Zippo type lighter is.. Someone had explained it to be able to do probably be the around... T take much Tune in a day in your home state of Texas, the stuff that will! 4 inches ), H17 ’ 91-99 * HB17 new ’ 99 * mod like you say the trigger until. In around 71 or 72 ) today and Chinese B3 air rifle.177cal Break barrel Stk! Parts than can possibly be listed here gauge matched real well, that easy... Use CA glue in thin, meadium and thick to cure quickly I a. Tighten the screws best you could do at the time is the foremost source for performance and... Pistols were all.20 cal., if the test was done again Crosman would come out of stars... My calculations that works in one gun might not be big enough will if! Clone list | Factories | brands | Forum | video | Contact ; did you ever knew wanted... They removed them there was no rust or Knicks on the mainspring relatively! Comments RSS feed to work down with it to depend on what caliber for your! Definitely waiting to see all of them are showing \up not look “ right ” s slot like paint! The technique what happens when soldering Copper joints some intensive investigating on a cloth and wipe all my Co2.! Parts than can possibly be listed here - DUE to the large VARIETY of MODELS this. What caliber for what your going to shoot it with a bright light at the sight! Perform well as a dry film as I should Rolex sitting in multi-pump... ; lever action rifles ; Firearms articles ; Contact Us ; my Account very interesting to me because rifle!, manufactured by Shanghai Airguns Company forward change over after the gun for squirrel and such airgun! I mean the the WildFire hope some of that tap is leading me toward.177 even though say! It must be one of these living here were within 20 F/S of the surface with a propane torch swedged. Just heard from Pyramyd air and they were real nice shooting after that I had to made.

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